Why is Grid King so expensive???


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It's based on the principle that the EA will give you so much profit, the price is not relevant.
The questions are...do you believe it?
AND....can YOU make money with this EA?

Those are for you to answer :)


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Grid King is costing about $3,000 right now (2950)...I think that is waaaaaaay too much.....


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I don't have a problem with the price, it came with 10 activations when I bought it 😛
I also don't have a problem with the price - depending on the (super) size of your account, and your risk management, it's even possible to make the money back in a day. For me, I would strongly advise you backtest this with the best available data for as long as you are able, with every single pair you are thinking of trading, to see whether it would be profitable for you in the short / medium and long run. I certainly do NOT recommend you trade every pair possible with the 3k deposit even at the most conservative setting mentioned because you are going to hit a hedge sooner rather than later; and at that point, you will understand the meaning of pain, margin call, leverage blowout etc... ;). But if you had done your backtesting based on your available balance, you would have seen this anyway!
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