Which Grid King currency pairs have you had the biggest losses or drawdown on?


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Hi @Applepine ,

The topic was sort of covered off here where I chimed in with my actual pairs that I'm trading with. This started a vigorous debate which you can follow. Happy to hear your views; in fact I was waiting to hear back from you ;). I mistakenly called you Time Trader originally, but you would have received a tag anyway since I responded directly to your posting...


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I think the biggest scares this year came in with GBPAUD and AUDJPY for me this year.
Especially the Pound one really ripped the socks off me....so I have taken them all out of my trading set up with Grid King.
I've had some pretty nasty scares when running all JPY crosses.
I limit my sets to 1 tops 2 yen crosses.
I have no Yen crosses in the sets I'm running. My previous hedges included Yen crosses. Don't like lol
OK so the message here is.....Grid King and Yen don't mix...got it :)