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First Forex baby steps....everyone is so proud!
We are AGAIN re-visiting the 1.11400 resistance line which the EURUSD has been attacking the last couple of days, but could only generate some false breakouts that didn't hold.

I'm taking this short position all the way to the green zone, and will most likely place my stop losses there if/when we manage to get through into the 1.1130s - and from here I'll let this one run in the yellow range. I see more indicators pointing towards a break down than a hold, so I am ready to go all the way to 1.1100 on this movement. After this, I'll let the stop losses do the closing.


Happy trading :)
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We had a downward trend violation (green line) last month, it climbed back up to 1.1160~ and then rattled between 1.1160 and 1.1070.
EURUSD seems to want to break downwards again.
If it does go past this 1.1070 resistance I expect it to go to around 1.0950, at which point it will meet the downward trend line (green), and bounce off it to retest 1.1160



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In essence, I agree the third movement is coming - and I believe after the third, we will have a strong retracement.


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We've been in a range of 20 pips since the second movement going to a third....which is now in line with the pause between the first and second movements.

The blocks are lining up.


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:cry:I have to say I missed these posts :(......I wish I would have gotten into this action...specially now that it is pretty clear the 3rd movement is happening....

Anyways, GOOD LUCK GUYS๐ŸŽ€!!!!