FX Trading Diary 30 day AutoGenEA MT4 version 3.3 trading journal


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It's a pity....at the start of the journal I was only thinking about how much profit @Zuputamadre would end up with at the end....:(
Now we just hopes he breaks even 🙏
Yup...this will not have a :) ending....:(.....
Is there hope you end up in the plus at the end of 30 days?
I guess there's not much more to say other than....what a pity....

32 Profit
61 Losses

I honestly don't know what to say anymore....

It just keeps on getting bad, to worse, to a bit better, to back to worse....



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And continues to get worse....

At some point, one has to ask the question...."am I doing something wrong here?"...."Did I not do the set up right?" 🤔
True, but I agree with:

I thought this was a black box EA....what could you have done differently other than just let it run?
There are no real settings to adjust....right?
What can you change in AutoGenEA? There are no settings to adjust...


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The closing game now...

I've adjusted AutoGenEA to not open more trades, so hopefully it can go for a smooth close:


Unfortunately....the losses have gotten bigger :(:


Maybe a miracle on this closing round 🙏