19 years of backtest results


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hi all.

One of the things that made me decide to buy this EA was the extensive backtesting. It is even advertised as being 19 years, without high DD. Really impressive!
But now I am doubtful whether this is a true statement or maybe backtesting has no value. Few members have already blown their account also the author himself.

Here is what author wrote at the mql5 website.

Grid King is a revolution in grid trading. The main focus when developing the EA was safety, by eliminating the margin-call risk which is usually associated with most grid systems on the market. It also strives to achieve much higher returns than the average grid system, by spreading risk amongst multiple pairs and strategies which all have a limited effect on the account-equity. Where almost all grid systems will blow your account when things get bad, Grid King will only take a small loss and recover very fast. More details about this in the blog.
The EA has been stress-tested for a period of 19 years and passes all those years succesfully without any high drawdown. (*Please use recommended accountsize guidelines -> see below)
The EA is also already optimized for 29 pairs!


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I have to say, this is indeed a fishy claim....
Whatever he did with this backtesting.....everyone seems to blow their account at some point.....wtf??


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You can’t backtest Grid King like a normal expert advisor. You’d need to factor in the effect of running all these currencies in parallel.


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Apparently it is possible. Cool right?
Not sure whether it is compatible with tickstory or tds2?
I think you wouldn't even need that as -how I understand it- mt5 comes with all the historical data included.
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