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  1. AlphaBeta

    FX Trading Diary Paul's Red Hawk EA MT4 Trading Diary

    Love it! Best of luck with your Red Hawk relaunch @Paul (y)(y)(y)(y)(y)
  2. AlphaBeta

    Social Trading EURUSD thread

    Looks like EURUSD has shaken off the bulls for now, bears have it at the moment
  3. AlphaBeta

    Interest Rate Decision, Central Banks Meetings thread

    Still moving up, but not convincingly....lots of resistance to contend with market is split right now
  4. AlphaBeta

    Social Trading EURUSD thread

    It's been a sleeper all day.....:sleep::sleep::sleep::sleep::sleep::sleep::sleep::sleep::sleep::sleep::sleep:
  5. AlphaBeta

    Social Trading EURUSD thread

    Bit of an uninspiring session
  6. AlphaBeta

    Can I trade Golden Bot EA with only XAUUSD or can I also trade with XAUEUR?

    I've had similar results, but that is not to say they are bad results. Not as good as usd, but still in the +
  7. AlphaBeta

    Do I really need a "Forex" VPS, or will any VPS do?

    If latency, reliability, or 24/7 is important to you...get a VPS
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    Social Trading EURUSD thread

    Expecting the downtrend to resume...but also expecting some bullish pushes to show up at the open
  9. AlphaBeta

    Social Trading EURUSD thread

    If we break 1.2135....I can see a long drop
  10. AlphaBeta

    Did you stop Grid Hero for Christmas?

    Are you back on Grid Hero?
  11. AlphaBeta

    When are you planning to stop Red Hawk EA this December?

    Did you all restart your Red Hawks? Or still waiting?
  12. AlphaBeta

    Social Trading Showing off my Grid Fusion's latest trade ;)

    WOW!!!! Now THAT's a closed grid!!!! Congrats man!
  13. AlphaBeta

    Social Trading EURUSD thread

    Downtrend taking steam now...1.2170
  14. AlphaBeta

    Double stochastic with mql4

    You modify it here: input int InpKPeriod=5; // K Period input int InpDPeriod=3; // D Period input int InpSlowing=3; // Slowing
  15. AlphaBeta

    Social Trading EURUSD thread

    We dipped back into the 1.2250s....could this be the reversal?
  16. AlphaBeta

    Social Trading EURUSD thread

    Dipped into the back to 1.2270....let's see where it goes from seems to have taken a break
  17. AlphaBeta

    Social Trading EURUSD thread

    Massive drop to close at 1.2216...trend to continue at the open from where I am standing
  18. AlphaBeta

    Free Intraday trades and Scalps

    Hope these closed at the levels you chose, dollar looks stronger for next week
  19. AlphaBeta

    Now that a BREXIT deal has been agreed....what are you plans for trading the British Pound (GBP)?

    Ok....NOW WE"RE TALKING :) I will indeed be looking at the pound's been too unpredictable since.