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  1. Kylorean

    EURUSD thread

    Not so fast @Cloverfield , we're in the middle of a very strong bounce to 1.1830 RSI not confirming anything on either the 1 or 4 hour charts... Just sayin'....
  2. Kylorean

    EURUSD thread

    It actually got to 1.19...and then got slammed back.... I must say, this looks very similar to the resistance pattern we saw before it broke out 1.20 a few days back
  3. Kylorean

    EURUSD thread

    1.1890 now ;)...the US session can get us there
  4. Kylorean

    Why is Grid King so expensive???

    It is 390 at the moment
  5. Kylorean

    FX Trading Diary Smigle's Grid Fusion EA MT4 GBPUSD Forex Trading Diary

    Awesome @Smigle what a wonderful effort of bringing us along in your journey, I really appreciated being a part of it...all the best my friend 🥳🥳🥳🥳👏👏👏👏👏👏👏!!!!
  6. Kylorean

    EURUSD thread

    And just like that....the gap is closed at 1.1844
  7. Kylorean

    Which currency pairs do you trade with Grid Trend Multiplier?

    During these times...EURUSD only. These are the only currencies with "central banks in balance" imho.
  8. Kylorean

    Grid Fusion hedging a grid

    Good job @Dentalgorithm (y)
  9. Kylorean

    Interest Rate Decision, Central Banks Meetings thread

    Forex trading is like boxing...."you must defend yourself at all times"
  10. Kylorean

    Trading Opportunity EURCHF 10th Sept 2020 - details in post

    Money in the bank is never a bad thing ;)
  11. Kylorean

    EURUSD thread

    I was taking a look at Dollar Index this morning, and I cannot see any indicators telling me anything conclusive as to where we are going from here on in. Both the RSI and CCI on the H4 are in their mid-ranges...I don't see exhaustion...but the push is also this time that is. It...
  12. Kylorean

    GK ran into more serious DD yesterday...

    This is an excellent question. Both of your views on this are great btw @whisquer @Dyana (y) What I would add is the following... Are we really risking 1.6k for 40 bucks....? I would disagree with anyone that would take that as a given "yes". I don't think you can isolate one trading cycle and...
  13. Kylorean

    EURUSD thread

    The European numbers came out...and it did little to break us out of that 20 pip range: Mixed bag... Let's indeed wait for the US open....I am also expecting some movement on the session.
  14. Kylorean

    Is anyone planning a trade set up for Brexit?

    Expect to see a LOT more coming through the wires on BREXIT this week as it is back on the agenda. As we've seen from day 1....nothing seems to be written in stone....
  15. Kylorean

    EURUSD thread

    Heavy Euro docket tomorrow, eyes open on effect. It seems fundamentals on both sides of the pond have a milder impact on the trend at the you saw by the reaction to NFP last week....let's see how tomorrow's numbers move EURUSD
  16. Kylorean

    Non-Farm payrolls thread

    Remember when NFPs were 200 - 300 pip affairs.....?
  17. Kylorean

    Non-Farm payrolls thread

    Just hit the 1.181 low....and is now climbing back up......still up for grabs
  18. Kylorean

    Grid Fusion hedging a grid

    Now that's a trader right there ladies and gentlemen. Bravo @Dentalgorithm 👏👏👏👏
  19. Kylorean

    EURUSD thread

    I just got rejected 1.199