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    How do you figure out which alt coins, crypto coins to mine?

    This one is pretty good too:
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    How do you figure out which alt coins, crypto coins to mine? Might have some other coins than the ones posted above
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    Which are your favorite crypto, alt coin sites? In French of course :)
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    Is there an MT4 AutoGenEA forex signal?

    Looks like Wim is focused on adding more pairs to the AutoGenEA before doing anything I don't think a signal is coming any time soon.
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    Which currency pairs do you trade the most?

    Ever since the Pound got so volatile with Brexit, I've been trading the USDMXN too. I have to say, I like it so far :)
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    Is the AutoGenEA expert advisor the same as Grid King?

    No. AutoGenEA is a completely different EA than Grid King.
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    FX Trading Diary Grid Trading DIARY: Christophone's Grid Trend Multiplier GBPUSD

    You ran a classic grid range, perfect for GTM (y) Good idea on the close, the Pound is an uncertain cross during these Brexit times
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    FX Trading Diary Smigle's Grid Trend Multiplier EURGBP DIARY

    With the news out of the UK this did the right thing :)
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    How do I upgrade an Expert Advisor?

    You can also upgrade MT4 Expert Advisors manually.
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    How many charts can I run on an MT4 instance?

    In principle as many as you want, but if you open too many, your chances of making mistakes increase exponentially:eek::eek::eek:.
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    How many indicators can you have in one MT4 chart?

    Beneath the chart, no more than 3... On the chart...4 max
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    Can I also "buy" trading indicators for my MT4?

    There's a TON of free indicators you should look at first before you go off going on a shopping spree :).
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    Can I do automated trading -without- Expert Advisors?

    You can set trailing stops....OK light automation ;)
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    Where can I find start up scripts for my MT4 instances?

    Nevertheless, they will always be DOS scripts ;)