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    How high or low will Ethereum ETH go in 2020?

    These dips have become a common theme with ETH, reading too much into them is not understanding this crypto
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    EURUSD thread

    And now closing the week at 1.1630....~200 pip range for the week
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    EURUSD thread

    And when the bulls wake up, we'll be ranging again
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    Is the Grid Trend Multiplier a classic grid system?

    It's very easy to get going, but it's not for newbies. You really need to know the theory of grid trading before you start with any grid EA, for sure this one.
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    EURUSD thread

    Retail Sales in the US coming out today....keep an eye on that ;) It won't get us out of the range, but it could stir EURUSD up a bit.
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    EURUSD thread

    This range EURUSD has been the last weeks has been just paradise....I'm prepared for it to go out of range at any moment, but I'm loving every minute it stays in :)
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    FX Trading Diary Smigle's Grid Fusion EA MT4 GBPUSD Forex Trading Diary

    Excellent work @Smigle I'm sure you've made a mark in some people's view of this type of trading, hopefully made it more approachable....and for the hardcore traders here, you certainly gave us a peek into your trading style....which has certainly enriched my trading tremendously...and for that...
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    Brexit, GBP and Impending Timelines

    Expect Carney to throw the kitchen sink, stove, fridge...the whole mic mac at the pound...but I have a feeling this might end up going the same way it has gone for the some point the market becomes "central bank deaf"... I will be looking at UK inflation...yes inflation...As the pound...
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    GOLD XAUUSD Trader's thread

    Massive indeed, but with respect to the trend...still bullish
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    EURUSD thread

    EURUSD shedding off a lot after NFP 😮😯😲😳!!!!
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    GOLD XAUUSD Trader's thread

    Zig zag reaction....I hope you placed SLs when you had the chance (y)
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    GOLD XAUUSD Trader's thread

    Let's see if it break into that 2,080 area today....even though it's just waiting right now:
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    Non-Farm payrolls thread

    I haven't had the feeling the numbers will not be on cue in a long time...but today I do feel it's going to be like that... Place all your stops now everyone! This could be a rowdy one!
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    Do you trade GOLD with the Grid Trend Multiplier?

    You could, but you need to make sure the settings reflect the trending nature of this asset.