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    S&P 500 thread

    Big day tomorrow:
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    EURUSD thread

    Bulls seemed to have come to terms with least last week....
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    EURUSD thread

    EURUSD dropping after ECB meeting
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    MT4 Error: Not enough space for notifications......?

    I have this constantly...
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    Brexit, GBP and Impending Timelines

    Sounds like a wise move for the pound this year.
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    EURUSD thread

    And the bulls woke up now, seems they have a hold of the 1.19 zone for now
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    FX Trading Diary ATS Advisor EA - Expert Advisor - New FX Trading Diary

    I totally did!! Thanks a lot @whisquer (y) An EPIC trading diary indeed :D:D:D(y)(y)!!!
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    EURUSD thread

    Massive long surge! EURUSD on a rocket!!
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    ATS Advisor EA LIVE trades

    I have to say, I like ATS Advisor ea, but it misses SO MANY opportunities..... There have been a TON of EURUSD breakouts this week.....ATS, not a beep this week so far.... Outside of placing a series of impossible to reach pending orders......:(